Pakistani-American terrorist David Coleman Headley on Saturday claimed to have no personal knowledge of Ishrat Jahan. At the conclusion of his cross-examination, he told the sessions court that he had heard of her only when LeT commander Zaki-ur Rehman Lakhvi introduced Muzzamil Bhatt, another top commander of the terrorist group, to him as one who had "performed operations like Akshar Dham and Ishrat Jahan".

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David Headley hinted at shoddy investigation by the NIA on Saturday
David Headley hinted at shoddy investigation by the NIA on Saturday

While deposing last month, Headley had told the court that Ishrat, a 19-year-old college girl, had been working for the LeT.

'NIA got it wrong'
As he was cross-examined by 26/11 plotter Abu Jundal's lawyer, Abdul Wahab Khan, over his statements made to the NIA, Headley claimed that they had been wrongly recorded. Asked if he had told the NIA that Jahan's death was the result of Muzzamil's botched-up operation, he said, "I did not. They (NIA) made a mistake [in recording the statement]." Headley also refuted the NIA statement that he and some LeT associates had planned to assassinate former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf.

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Hinting at shoddy investigation on NIA's part, he said he had been shown some photographs with names on them in the US and that it was only when the US prosecutor objected to this did the NIA show him a fresh batch without the names.

Teaching Thackeray a lesson
Headley said he had shot videos of Shiv Sena Bhavan extensively and had even visited party supreme Bal Thackarey's residence once. "I spoke to the guard of the perimeter security." When Khan asked if 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed had told him that Bal Thackeray should be taught a lesson, he said, "Yes."

Shot vice-president's house
He told the court that he had only done a reconnaissance of CBI Tana House, the assembly and Knesset Eliyahoo — the Jewish synagogue at Kala Ghoda. The NIA statement had quoted him saying he had also surveyed Delhi Darbar and the Israeli Consulate.

Asked if he shot a video of the vice-president's house, Headley said, "I made a video from the Army headquarters to the National Defence Colony, which had the vice-president's house on the way."

Referring to his statement on a women's wing in the LeT, Headley said he meant a wing associated with social work, and not combat. Cross-examined by Khan on this, he said the women's wing takes care of religious teachings, women's education and widows' welfare. Last month, Headley had claimed that Ishrat Jahan had been a member of the LeT's women's wing.

Judge GA Sanap rejected Khan's application seeking another day to cross-examine Headley further, saying it was a malafide intention to drag the proceedings.