Nicki Minaj guilty for closing Twitter account

Minaj deactivated her account April 12 after one of her unheard tunes leaked online. "Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Goodbye," she posted before shutting her account.

Nicki Minaj

With 11 million followers, she is unsure whether she will return to the site. But she misses being in contact with her admirers. 

"Reinstate my account? I don't know yet. I have to say, I've been kind of enjoying life without Twitter. But I feel bad on the fans. They got really sad when I deleted it," she told

"I think most artists will experience a lot of negative people on Twitter. But thank god, I've got so many followers that I'm not able to see them that much. I'll see some from time to time but, for the most part, I always focus on something good," she added.

"But the way I deal with it is if I see someone tweet something bad, I'll retweet it and put some lewd thing back," she said. 

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