Nikhil Chinapa's fitness mantra

In a chat with CS, the TV host-radio jockey drops a few tips:

Nikhil Chinapa

Eat right, feel right
A friend of mine has hooked me on to warm water and cinnamon powder. I like the aroma of cinnamon so I’m continuing with that. I also have green tea throughout the day. I drink a lot of water because our body tends to create acidity. Other than that, one can have watermelon juice and lemon juice. But they should be consumed between meals, not during meals.

No sacrifices 
I’m blessed to not have a sweet tooth. So basically I don’t have to ‘sacrifice’ anything. Having said that, I don’t stop myself from eating anything I want.
I’d rather try everything than have a regret.

Shake that booty!
When in doubt, hit a club and dance your heart out. The only problem is nowadays people don’t dance and just stand there with their cellphone up to record the music which is pure idiocy. It’s EDM (Electronic Dance Music), not ESAM (Electronic Stand Alone Music).¬†

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