Nithyananda disciple accused of rape

The victim registered a complaint at Colaba police station on Monday. As per the complaint, in March 2008, Dravid ‘brainwashed’ the victim, who is married, into having sex with him.

The victim said, “He would tell me that he is Shiva and I am Parvati. He would lace my drinks with drugs and rape me.” 

Swami Nithyananda
Swami Nithyananda

The duo, both NRIs, would frequent one of Nithyananda’s ashrams in Los Angeles. The accused allegedly continued raping her till 2009. “We have arrested Dravid,” said Sanjivrao Mandlik of Colaba police station.

Dravid was produced at a magistrate’s court and has been remanded in custody till August 10. 



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