NMMT rejects, then tries CNG

Despite being displeased over the performance of CNG buses, Navi Mumbai's transport authority try out CNG-run AC vehicles

In order to boost its revenue, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) has decided to increase the number of air-conditioned buses in its fleet, and on a trial basis has started running a CNG-run AC Volvo bus between Kharghar and Borivli.

A CNG run Volvo bus operating between Khargar and Borivli

However, considering how just two months ago, the same body had decided to do away with their non-AC CNG-run buses citing regular breaking down of these buses, this service which started last Thursday, is raising quite a few eyebrows.

The NMMT officials claim that CNG-run AC Volvo bus is only a trial run. Hanumant Dalavi, chairman of Transport Committee of NMMT, said "Volvo has given us the CNG run-AC bus on trial for a month. We have had bad experiences with CNG buses and we are not likely to purchase CNG buses without carefully examining their performance. Also, we need to get a proposal passed in general body meeting of the NMMC before making any purchases."

According to some, political interference is forcing the NMMT to give CNG AC buses a shot. "We have told the committee that CNG buses are not affordable as they break down anytime. Also, CNG-run buses are costlier than diesel ones. However, political interference has forced us to use CNG-run AC bus on a trail basis. If the NMMT clears the CNG AC buses, purchase of around 10 buses is likely to be made in next six months," said an NMMT official.

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