No abuse of power in Sanjay Dutt's parole, claims his lawyer

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt’s parole seems to have caused quite a stir, leading to the petition by lawyer, Nikhil Chaudhari, who argued that while Dutt’s extension was considered and decided within a week, similar petitions don’t see the similar fate.

Sanjay Dutt has been out on parole since December 21
Sanjay Dutt has been out on parole since December 21

While hearing the PIL filed against the actor, Justice NH Patil said, “Over the years, we have noticed the government issuing circulars from time to time, asking divisional commissioners to consider and decide parole and furlough applications. However, these circulars seem to be violated.”

In response, Dutt’s lawyer, Hitesh Jain, submitted RTI documents that present the number of grants by the Pune divisional commissioner in the past three years. According to the documents, 1,500 pleas have been granted and only 15 rejected.

Speaking to MiD DAY, Jain said, “There has been no abuse of discretionary powers. His wife has been suffering from tuberculosis that has been verified by the doctors at JJ Hospital.

The court did not comment on any bias or abuse of process in the grant of parole to Sanjay and asked the petitioner not to single him out.” Last week, Chief Minister, Prithviraj Chavan also defended the decision, saying that the divisional commisioner has not shown any bias towards Dutt and no rules were violated.

‘Don’t punish him for being a celebrity’
Speaking on the issue Sanjay Dutt’s mentor, Mahesh Bhatt said, “If political parties want to tarnish the reputation of Priya Dutt for electoral gains, why drag Sanju into it? He is following the jail manual and no partiality has been shown to him. His wife is sick, let him attend to her. Don’t punish him for being a celebrity.”

  • Fazal Ur Rehman Shah26-Feb-2014

    What about 75 years old Zaibunnisa ? Does she deserve parole ? While Manyata might be sick but in this case, she herself is sick and needs to be looked after. Why does Mahesh Bhatt say something about this then ? It's his celebrity status as well as her sister's political connection which is helping him get this parole.

  • mani26-Feb-2014

    I strongly believe Mahesh bhatt is completely involved int his conspiracy..GOD..ROT them in HELL

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