Mumbai: Cops find no evidence to support girl's 'thrown out of flat because I'm Muslim' claim

Three months after 25-year-old Misbah Quadri’s shocking allegation captured the nation’s attention, the police have confirmed they are no longer investigating the case because they have found no evidence supporting her claim

Misbah Quadri, who became a household name after alleging that she was thrown out of a house in Wadala because she is a Muslim, may have been lying.

Misbah Quadri
Misbah Quadri

When the 25-year-old had made the shocking allegation in May, Mumbaikars were sent into a tizzy and the topic of discrimination against Muslims in the real estate sector had captured the nation’s imagination. The state government had promised action and a proposal to codify an anti-discrimination policy in housing had been floated.

Misbah Quadri and Sanghvi Heights in Wadala, where she had sought to rent the flat. File pic

Misbah Quadri and Sanghvi Heights in Wadala, where she had sought to rent the flat. File pic

Just two days after the allegation had surfaced, mid-day had reported that there was more to the media professional’s story than met the eye (‘Was tenant evicted over her religion or due to issues with broker?’, May 29) and, three months on, the police have confirmed that they are no longer investigating the case because they have found no evidence supporting Quadri’s claim. When mid-day spoke to Quadri — who has left the city — yesterday, she reiterated her claim that she had faced discrimination.

Much ado?
Speaking to mid-day, DCP (Port Zone), Kiran Chavan said, “We are no longer investigating the case. We have stopped all forms of investigation related to the allegations made by Misbah Quadri.”

Asked why, he added, “We didn’t find any fact or evidence related to the allegations made by Quadri. Also, there were other Muslim families staying in the building. We have sent a reply to the Human Rights Commission, which had asked us to look into the matter.

We had also received an email from the Commissioner of Police, after which the investigation in the matter was initiated. However, now, as facts couldn’t be ascertained regarding the allegation, we are no longer investigating the case.”

Then and now
Quadri, who was seeking to move into Sanghvi Heights in Wadala, had alleged in May: “The broker had asked me to sign an NOC stating that the broker, builder, or owner shouldn’t be blamed if I faced any harassment because of my religion. I was thrown out because I refused to sign the NOC.”

When mid-day called Quadri yesterday, she said, “I never expected anything from the law, I have shifted out from Mumbai. I had faced discrimination, I didn’t wish to go to the media, and your (mid-day’s) story portrayed me in a negative light.”

Misbah Quadri tenancy case: Agreement copy has a male tenant

When mid-day had visited the building in May, a day after the controversy erupted, we found that three flats in the building were occupied by Muslim tenants, none of whom were asked to sign an NOC or faced any kind of discrimination. One of these tenants was allegedly shown his flat by the same broker who was dealing with Quadri.

The builder had claimed that things had gone sour between the broker and Quadri, leading to the issues. Calls to the broker and Shailesh Sanghvi of Sanghvi builders elicited no response yesterday.

  • vishwanath kaushik22-Aug-2015

    Instead asking others to approach housing societies in Mumbai to see the true biased nature of the so called educated people, the writer is advised to make such visits and provide clinching evidence. Secondly in any society in general -- not particularly in Housing Societies--there is always present a tinge of discrimination against others. This is a human failing throughout the world (I have visited several countries and also different parts of the country). Of course it has to be under check.

  • M RAMACHANDRAN22-Aug-2015

    Yes there is discrimination because of religion, marital status, vegetarian or Non Vegetarian, profession, above all the character of the house holder. I was not given an one "room with common toilet.bath room" in Chowk area in Lucknow in 1967 being a Hindu. I was refused to a villa in Bengaluru because I am non veg and fry and eat fish. It is the owner's choice. I have an apartment for rent in Bangalore and shall give it to anyone except Rahul Gandhi.

  • Objectively Speaking21-Aug-2015

    @jcrosse What kind of bias are you seeing?

  • rajesh k23-Aug-2015

    Incompetent police.

  • jcrosse21-Aug-2015

    Is this another cover up or sweeping the issue under the carpet? You don't need her complaint. Just approach most housing societies in Mumbai and you will see the true biased nature of these so called educated people. THERE IS DISCRIMINATION TO THE CORE.

  • Nazim Shaikh22-Aug-2015

    India is growing as educated nation but still there are huge number of sick minded peoples are leaving in well maintain societies. I am one of them who victim of such conspiracy where people are ready to let the flat on rent because of my religion.I been searching flat on rent since one month in Virar but there are number of societies and flat owner refusing to let out the flat with the open statement, "Muslim ko yaha flat nahi dete hai" we don't allow to let flat to Muslims

  • Nazim Shaikh22-Aug-2015

    No one takes up this issue, neither police nor media want this issue highlighted. We all know this matter is highly influenced by political leaders. I personally believe that Maharashtra's Marathi don't care of such conspiracy, but the people who migrated from other states wants to draw lines and discrimination.Anybody can go to Virar and witness the discrimination base on religion.

  • mike22-Aug-2015

    such a drama queen she was, she should be vacate and thrown out. playing victim card utter shame

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