No fake Rs 10 coins in circulation, says Reserve Bank of India

With rumours floating about Rs 10 coins being fake, shopkeepers, auto and taxi drivers have been refusing to accept them

Rumours that some Rs 10 coins in circulation are fake, have put the common man in a bind, with some shopkeepers and auto, taxi drivers refusing to accept the coins. The Reserve Bank of India, has however, confirmed that all Rs 10 coins are legal tender.

Of the two types of Rs 10 coins in circulation, one that has a rupee sign with 10 drops on it is rumoured to be the real deal. The other without the rupee sign and with 15 drops on it was rumoured to be duplicate.

Eeshwaran Thevar (28) was travelling in a share auto-rickshaw near Kurla West when he gave the auto driver a Rs 10 coin. "He told me he had heard the coins were duplicate. I told him that the RBI had made no such announcement. But, he still refused to accept it."

Altaf Shaikh, an auto driver from Kurla, said, "I kept hearing the news that people and shopkeepers were no longer accepting R10 coins. People prefer giving us coins, but we are afraid to accept them."

Sakaram Chaudhary, owner of New National Super Market in Nerul, said, "There are rumours that the coins minted before 2010 are duplicate. But, till the RBI doesn’t issue a circular, we will accept all coins."

MSEB bill with cashier note that coins aren’t acceptedMSEB bill with cashier note that coins aren’t accepted

Govind Pal (25), a resident of Navi Mumbai, went to an MSEB bill payment outlet in Nerul, but they refused to accept R10 coins from him. "I told the woman to give me in writing that they don’t accept coin and she did so on the bill," Pal said.

Sajid Ansari, who distributes bread across Mumbai, said, "I don't accept the coins as once when I gave it to a shopkeeper, he refused to take it."

RBI says

A press release by RBI states that people can accept all Rs 10 coins. The difference in design is only because they have been printed at different mints. It has advised public to not give credence to rumours and accept them as legal tender.

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