Those falling in the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) with plans to buy a home, under the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority’s (MHADA) proposed Konkan Board lottery in Virar, will be disappointed to learn that they will not be entitled to any flats under this category.

The Konkan Board of MHADA plans to hold the lottery in March for around 2,454 houses in the Bolinj area of Virar, but these homes will only be available to Middle Income Group (MIG) and Lower Income Group (LIG).

Out of reach: An under-construction MHADA building. Representation Pic

An official from the Konkan Board of MHADA said, “We know there is a huge demand for EWS houses in Virar area, but houses will only be available to those in the LIG and MIG category in the upcoming Konkan Board lottery.”

MHADA plans to hold a lottery of 1,824 houses for LIG category and 630 for MIG in the Bolinj area of Virar. “In January 2012, MHADA started construction of ground plus 22 floor buildings and we expect the projects to be completed by early 2014. We will include these homes in the lottery planned for May 2013,” the official said.

Besides the EWS, even the Higher Income Group (HIG) is being exempted from the March lottery. Andheri resident Deepak Waghela, who is keen on buying a home at Virar under the EWS category, is disappointed with the news.

“Looking at the present rates in the property market, it is impossible for a person in EWS category to buy a home in Mumbai. That is why I was hoping to apply under EWS category in the upcoming Konkan Board lottery,”said Waghela.

He added that he was shocked to learn that the upcoming lottery was only for MIG and LIG categories.

“I will have to wait for over a year to apply for a home under EWS category,” Waghela said.