No kisses for the Beatle

'Who is Paul McCartney?' was the question. The famous musician, mainly known for his association as a guitarist and vocalist with The Beatles, a rock band of the 60s, Sir Paul McCartney was not recognised by the young tweeples while he performed a soulful love ode at the 54th Grammy Awards 2012. Beatles' fans responded with tweets that ranged from irate to sad. CS tells you more about this legendary musician:

>> Sir James Paul McCartney, an English singer, composer, and songwriter, was born on 18 June 1942.

>> He is known as a member of The Beatles and Wings (The first a rock band and the second a rock group).

>> Along with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, McCartney created some landmark songs in the history of rock music.

>> McCartney began his career at the age of 15.

>> For several years after The Beatles broke up in 1970, he worked solo as well as with other musicians.

>> He is considered to be one of UK's wealthiest people owing to the extensive work he has done in the field of electronic as well as classical music.

>> McCartney is also known to be a staunch activist in vegetarianism as well as animal rights apart from his deep love for football with his favourite clubs being Everton and Liverpool.

>> He has organised several charity functions as well.

>> A lesser-known fact is that McCartney is an articulate painter as well.

>> His daughter Stella McCartney is a famous fashion designer.



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