No last minute hopping stunts on Metro, please

Old habits die hard. Bangaloreans, used to hopping onto running buses on their way to and from work, are now pulling off similar stunts in Metro trains too, putting their lives at risk and disrupting the services.

The Metro has recorded two incidents where youths jut their bags in between shutting doors to open them and disrupting services in the process

A few stray incidences of commuters jutting in their bags in between closing collapsible gates to reopen them and gain last minute entry to the train, has prompted the Metro officials to make this misadventure a punishable offense with Rs 200 fine and warnings.

Delhi and Kolkata metros also impose a fine of Rs 200 on such offenders.

And to nip this unhealthy trend in the bud, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has already started public announcements in Metro trains warning them of the consequences and punishment of disrupting closure of gates by jutting in any bodily part or any other belongings.

'For your safety'
The Metro may still be in its early stages in the city, but it has already become the darling mode of commute for lakhs of Bangaloreans. But within less than a month of its launch, two incidents have been reported of youngsters trying to jut in their bags while doors were closing.

Both the offenders were lucky that the door opened up and Metro officials let them of with mild warnings. But, now the Metro is planning to crackdown on such activities.

"There are sensors on the doors which don't let them shut, if they detect any obstruction. However, what people don't realise is that it could turn fatal. If by chance the doors close on them, the train can drag them along leading to serious injuries or even casualty," said A Shankar, signalling and ticketing in charge, BMRCL.

In one such instance in Delhi Metro on August 7, a commuter got his foot stuck between the shutting doors of a Metro coach at the Delhi Vidhan Sabha station.

Normally, the doors open up when a passenger puts his foot or any belonging in between, but in this case, the sensor didn't work and he was dragged along for a few metres before the driver applied emergency brakes.

"We don't want any such untoward incidents to happen here. We have asked the guards to keep a watch at the stations and we are going to take stern action against people who resort to such steps," added Shankar.

As its stretches of the Metro become operational in due course of time, the Metro is most likely to become the main mass transit system of the city, so now it is upon people to use the system in a better manner.

"While it is the job of Bangalore Metro to spread awareness regarding safety, it also upon the commuters to resort to safe practices," said Ashwin Mahesh, urban affairs expert.

Even commuters agree that it is best to be safe while traveling in the Metro. "There is a train every five minutes, why should people then be in such a hurry? It is better to be safe than end up causing unnecessary inconvenience to yourself and fellow passengers," said S Ragaveshwari, a Metro commuter.

Rs 200
The fine that the BMRCL will impose on commters who disrupt Metro sevices by jutting in their bags in between sliding doors

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