No one has courage to stand up to Srinivasan: Ian Smith

New Delhi: The COO of Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA) Ian Smith reckons that no one in the ICC has the "courage to stand upto" BCCI president N Srinivasan and ECB chairman Giles Clarke as they cast a "very large shadow" in world cricket.

Ian Smith
Ian Smith 

In a very significant letter written to unrecognised Cricket Association of Bihar secretary Aditya Verma, Smith has informed him that FICA is "working behind the scenes to influence ICC officers to do the right thing" in regards to preventing Srinivasan to become the chairman of the ICC Executive Board.

"We are, of course, working diplomatically behind the scenes to influence ICC officers and executives to do the right thing, but Mr Srinivasan, along with Mr Clarke of the ECB, casts a very large shadow and it appears no-one has the courage to stand up to the power of BCCI and ECB whilst Mr Srinivasan and Mr Clarke remain in de facto control of those Boards," Smith wrote in his letter to Verma.



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