To use a cricketing term, N Srinivasan’s supporters may reckon the elected Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had to sacrifice his wicket in New Delhi yesterday when he had to continue his administrative exile.

But the Chennai man should take it in his stride because, like in the game that he runs with so much pride, the team always comes first. The team (read the BCCI) is reeling under a credibility crisis and has very few well-wishers left.

News reports say that Srinivasan was forced to stay away from chairing the Working Committee meeting which got postponed. If that is true, it is a poor reflection of Srinivasan’s sense of fair play. His detractors are convinced he is drunk on power and is comforted by the thought that he enjoys massive support within the BCCI. This is now quite clearly not the case and more non-supporters could surface in the next few days.

Srinivasan’s arrogance is more than just noteworthy. Recently, he told a journalist to see for himself who will chair the Working Committee meeting when he was asked in what capacity he would make an appearance the meeting.

It is too early to say that Srinivasan is blameless or guilty in this whole spot fixing scandal. However, he hasn’t earned too many supporters with an approach which hinges on arrogance and displays scant respect for the spirit of cricket.

The history of the game tells us that almost everyone who has believed he is bigger than the sport has been made to eat humble pie.

Srinivasan will do well to emulate administrators who served Indian cricket before him. He must draw inspiration from their selflessness and humility. And he must also remember how well they are spoken of even as they play out their second innings in the Elysian Fields.