No passion in my relationship

Dear Diana,
I have been dating a girl for almost two years now. We are very much in love. She tells me she wants me! It may sound passionate but I don't think we are. I think we are a unique couple. We don't kiss or even hug! And anything more remains a mere distant thought. She says she's scared of getting into trouble. She's scared of getting pregnant. She's scared of being caught redhanded with me. Her list is endless. Anyway I tolerate all this. But I've told her I want more passion in our relationship. I feel like we are good in the communication department but not the more passionate loving part. Isn't that a part of what people in love do? Can love be possible without any physical relationship. What do I do?
- Abhigyan

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Abhigyan,
A relationship without intimacy can be hard to sustain but if you really love her, then you will have to wait. But at times, things might get difficult and you will have to be extremely patient. If you really love her, then you should ask her to marry you.  It appears she is very clear about her stand and you accepted her like that. All this while you did not get agitated about the lack of intimacy, so why now? For starters try putting your arm around her shoulder? Or holding her from the waist? You will have to go really slow about the physical part with her. Be casual in your approach to avoid hurting her sentiments.

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