No villain in my show: Aamir Khan

"Doctors should not be blamed in this (female foeticide). Everyone involved in this are equally responsible. I don't understand why there is so much of fascination with boy child. After all, It is a woman who takes the family ahead," Aamir said, on the issue.

"There is no villain in my show. Who is the villain, it is we all who are doing something wrong. Each problem can be solved through love and that is the reason even my song 'Satyameva Jayate' is a love song," he added. The opening episode had mothers from different parts of the country, from both rural and urban areas talking about the pressure and the problems they faced for delivering a girl child. 

The actor says he can't solve anything, neither can the government. "I am no one to bring change or solve anything neither can the government. One person cannot improve this or bring solution. I can only keep the issue in front of everyone. The only solution is each and everyone should say I will not do that," Aamir said. 



  • Sneha03-Apr-2014

    This is a wonderful approach Aamir ..... very true that change can come only from within the minds of people .... not one individual. Your initiatives are truly inspiring. Thanks for creating a ray of hope in the entertainment industry and media that is so much characterized by materialism today. True efforts will always be immortal.

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