'No-win situation for cops'

Sep 30, 2011, 07:32 IST | Atul Krishan

Says a police official, referring to building collapse case in Chandni Mahal; claims whether they try to stop illegal construction or turn a blind eye, cops are always accused of corruption

The accused contractor and owners of the building, which claimed seven lives in Chandni Mahal area, are still on the run. Though the police have filed an FIR of culpable homicide, they have failed to arrest them till now.

Here we come! National Disaster Response Force (NDRF)
personnel with sniffer dogs engaged in rescue work at
Chandni Mahal locality in old Delhi on Wednesday after two
buildings collapsed in the area. File PIC

Saving own skin
The senior police officials are busy in a bid to save the corrupt police officials involved in the incident. When they were approached, they refused to comment over the matter. On condition of anonymity, they said that MCD officials should be suspended for helping the builders carry out illegal construction work in the area.

Police woes
"If the construction work is stopped by cops, the building owner alleges that police is demanding money. And if the construction work is on, others accuse the police saying that they have taken bribe from builders. Police are accused in either of the cases," a senior police official said. 

Blame MCD
This reporter found out that senior police officials are not in the mood to take action against the corrupt cops posted with Chandni Mahal police station in connection with the incident.  A top brass official, on condition of anonymity, said that police has no role in the building collapse. He accused the MCD officials
for not informing the cops about the illegal construction in the area.

The leaning towers of old Delhi
MCD and police officials have got vacated a building adjoining the incident site of Chandni Mahal. A police official said it is an old building which was found unfit to be occupied. MCD and police officials were informed that the building is likely to collapse, after which action was taken. "The building, which belongs to one Rajender, has been given support so that it may not fall," a police official said.

Earlier, it was reported to the police that two more buildings of the area have been found in a dilapidated condition and can collapse anytime. However, police said that one of the buildings was found unfit and its occupants have been asked to vacate it.

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