Those who reach office after 9:30 am will be penalised. Disciplinary action to be taken against regular offenders

In a bid to make its employees more accountable and reprimand those in the habit of coming late to office, Noida Authority has started imposition of fines.

In an order passed by the authority, all employees who reach office after 9:30 in the morning will have to shell out their half-day salary.

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Further, if it continues for long, disciplinary action would be taken against such employees.

In a surprise visit made by chairman Balwinder Singh in August, it was found that 60-70 per cent of the employees didn't reach the office till 9:30 am, the reporting time.

After an hour from then, around 150 employees remained missing from action. "Some employees here do personal work the entire day and are least bothered to come to the office.
As a result, the output has declined. After the surprise visit, a warning was issued to all employees in this regard," said a Noida official.

The order
Even after a month of this, however, employees' attitude towards work didn't change.
Then in another surprise check made by Singh in September, around 54 employees were found missing from office without any prior information till 10:30 in the morning.
Immediately, a letter was sent to the Authority's personnel department, ordering half-day salary cut for all the absentees.

Terming it an important step to discipline employees, Singh said, "It's important for employees to reach on time. When it comes to government employees, there is a general notion that they are lazy.
This needs to be changed and they need to be disciplined. An order has been issued to all employees to reach on time. Necessary action would be taken against those not adhering to it."