A writing workshop for kids pays tribute to Lewis Caroll's nonsense verse, which he popularised in his works including the widely-loved Alice in Wonderland. Kids will be introduced to the joys of this writing style, while remembering Caroll on his 180th birth anniversary, on January 27

Author Lewis Carroll might have been a mathematician and logician by profession but he is best remembered for his fantastic adventure tales including Alice in Wonderland and nonsense poems such as Jabberwocky and The Hunting of the Snark.

This form of verse is referred to as Nonsense Verse and is characterised by a humorous turn of phrases and the use of meaningless words.

While there have been several practitioners of nonsense verse, Carroll stood the test of time and is fondly remembered for his compositions.

As an ode to the author's contribution to verse and literature, The Pomegranate Workshop has organised What Nonsense!, a workshop on Nonsense Verse for children between 8 and 13 years.

The day-long workshop will introduce children to the art of Nonsense Writing and help children discover such literature by a variety of writers.

They will also be encouraged to experiment with the English language and discover the wacky, imaginative world of words and sounds within their own heads and compose nonsense poems.

"While English is often thought of in terms of its rigid rules of grammar, this workshop will show the irreverent side of the language to children.

They will be encouraged to disregard rules and make up words and poems. Getting acquainted to the art of gibberish will boost their creativity as well," says Akshat Nigam, content manager and instructor at The Pomegranate Workshop.

The event is free for all, but pre-registration is required as the workshop can only accommodate 25 children.

On January 28, 4.30 pm to 6 pm
At Bandra and Prabhadevi.
Call 9867053339
info@tpw.in to register