None is spared...

.... in cartoonist Shekar Kambalapally's cartoons who uses caricatures fed with comments to convey his message about the country. Be it Baba Ramdev or Barack Obama, everyone's present on his canvas

The most effective way to get a controversial point across in a concise and humorous manner is probably through a caricature. This can be argued but cartoonist Shekar Kambalapally seems to completely agree with the notion.

He has resorted to the funny sketches all his life to convey his messages through gesturing and grunting. "I had a passion for cartooning. In college, I was a member of a Communist party and would often draw cartoons to satisfy my inner feelings," says Hyderabad- based cartoonist, Shekar.

Stepping into his exhibition, Colours of India, you will find yourself surrounded by variousĀ  left wing politicians on canvases. As many as 60 cartoons depict the political and social situation of India, hence the name of the exhibition.

"I have depicted terrorism attacks on India by portraying the crescent moon in Pakistan's flag as a knife. Several Pakistani hands are holding the knife to kill innocent Indians," says Shekar, who started his career as a political cartoonist in a left wing newspaper.

He is now a cartoonist with Telugu daily Andhra Jyoti.

Shekar is also moved by social issues like dowry and child labour. In one of his master pieces, he has shown the knot tied between a bride andĀ  a groom convert into a wallet and money flowing out of it.

"I want my work to provoke the audience to think, if not laugh at them. My cartoon characters are serious and sarcastic," says Shekar who has never been formally trained in art.

Shekar was selected as one of the 20 artists invited for the US Government's Prestigious International Visitors' Leadership Program.

The exhibition features 10 photos of his visits to Washington, New York, Ohio, Los Angeles and Florida and his meetings with some of the world's top cartoonists like Daryl Cagle, Michael Ramirez, Ann Telnaes and several others.

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