Video delight: Nook and Cranny Films' 'Intriguing Bombay' narrates stories that make the city

Mar 19, 2017, 12:37 IST | Aastha Atray Banan

Did you know the first tram in Bombay ran from Colaba to Pydhonie? Or that Bombay rebelled against adjusting Bombay time to Indian Standard Time? Or that right in the middle of Crawford Market stands a beautiful, yet forgotten, fountain?

Well, Krunal Palande and his team at Nook and Cranny Films, is here to educate. With their five-minute shorts about Bombay, called Intriguing Bombay, that chronicles its history and its monuments, the initiative seeks to tell us the stories that make the city. "I was inspired by a web series I saw which deals with the tube system of London. I have always been a history freak, so I said why not do this properly," says Palande, who's a visual graphic artist by day and filmmaker by night.

Our favourite was the one where they take you through the crowded lanes of Crawford market, just to reveal a beautiful fountain, which is now lined with hawkers selling pineapples and such. It was designed by Lockwood Kipling (Rudyard Kipling's father) and Sir William Emerson. "We recently discovered that there is a fountain in London that was gifted by someone in Mumbai. Since we had a presenter visiting London, we have shot that too. It will be out soon."

We also love the matter of fact way the stories are narrated with the buzz of the city giving them their soundtrack. It reminded us of the Bombay we loved in Sai Paranjpye movies — romantic and beautiful. "The main feedback that I have been getting is how people are finding out new things about Bombay through us. We want to now make sure it doesn't get boring, and stays intriguing."

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