'Norm of The North' - Movie Review

Mar 18, 2016, 14:00 IST | Johnson Thomas

'Norm of The North'
U; Animation, Comedy
Director: Trevor Wall
Cast: Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, Ken Jeong

This animation comedy tries to hard-sell environment friendly moves without really defining it's stance on the subject. And it's quite dull and unexciting in effect.

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Norm (Rob Schneider), a polar bear who can communicate with humans and prefers to dance rather than hunt, discovers a model housing unit by Greene homes, in his Arctic homeland. He sabotages a commercial shoot organized by Vera (Heather Graham), the head of marketing for the developers and also stows away in the house on its journey back to New York- in order to stop Mr. Greene (Ken Jeong) from coming good on his plan to populate the Arctic with people.

Norm's weird plan involves posing as a method actor auditioning for Greene's advertising campaign to have "the Arctic sell the Arctic." It also turns out that Greene has captured the Norm's grandfather (Colm Meaney), so Norm also has to play hero to the rescue here.

You just don't get the point of this movie even if there's enough adventure to satisfy the kids. This effort rests largely on marketability and doesn't appear to have any answers to the moral questions embedded in the run-of-play. The animation design is not exactly eye-pleasing and even the back-drops don't have the cinematic finish of far more accomplished animation films we've seen afore. As a result there's very little excitement to draw up here.

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