With strong northeasterly winds entering the city, a dip in temperature is expected in the coming days, says the weatherman.

According to the weather department, a few days ago the temperature rose around 6 degree Celsius above normal with high humidity levels and cloudy skies due to the deep depression in the Arabian Sea.

As a result minimum temperature that was around 18 degree Celsius suddenly shot up to 27 degree Celsius.

However, after a week long hot and humid temperature, the minimum temperature has finally taken a dip.

If Santacruz clocked 18.6 degree Celsius, the Colaba breathed uneasy with 23.4 degree Celsius temperature.

"There was a deep depression over east central Arabian Sea. Due to which there were cloud formation and which brought in hot and humid winds to the city. But northeasterly winds flowing in the city the city has once again seen a dip in temperature," an indian meteoro-logical department official said.