Not a gift horse

Oct 26, 2011, 01:04 IST | Lindsay Pereira

The Reserve Bank of India became an unlikely trending topic after it hiked repo and interests rates to curb stubbornly high inflation. As this -- its thirteenth hike since March 2010 -- was likely to make home and auto loans costlier, people online were obviously annoyed. A certain Shiv Aroor tweeted: 'RBI increasing interest rates again. I'm thinking about just gifting them my home.' Gaurav added: 'Just waiting for Pranab Mukherjee to say, "Inflation is under (our) control. It will come down by December 11".' And from Ratnadeep Ray: 'Thanks, UPA and RBI, for such a wonderful Diwali gift to the country! What next? Is it a fuel price hike?'

Once again
Actor Shiney Ahuja also clogged timelines for a while, and for all the wrong reasons again. This happened after the actress Sayali Bhagat accused him of allegedly harassing her sexually. Jose Naveen had a suggestion: 'Ahuja should act in an ad promoting Indian tourism: 'India Shineying'. This will boost his image.' Rituraj Shukla had another idea: 'He should watch Harry Potter! Strange things happen to him when he sees people with brooms.'

Sick of cricket?
The sight of half-empty iconic Eden Gardens prompted many to comment on the state of Indian cricket. In Sumon K Chakrabarti's words, 'This tells us something about cricket and its overkill.' Someone called Lizzy agreed: 'It seems there might be a saturation point for the amount of cricket in India.' Diogeneb tweeted: 'Eden Gardens is so empty that God may wonder if his attempt at creation failed.' And an explanation from Dilip: 'Folks are having a go at the poor attendance at Eden Gardens: They'll come if a contest was guaranteed. 100 overs of it, so we can't blame them.'

The last word
From filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt: 'Kiran Bedi proves that moral hypocrisy isn't an aberrant occurrence; it's a common aspect of the human mind.'

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