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A jubilated star cast celebrated the launch of a song of their upcoming film at a pub in Mumbai. Leading lady Shenaz Treasurywala looked scintiallting in a bold, golden dress. The interesting feature of the party was that the actress along with actor Barun Sobti, the director and producer of the film were all seen posing as bartenders. While Shehnaz is not a new entrant into the industry, Barun Sobti is making his filmy debut after featuring in a few television soaps.

From left: Shenaz Treasurywala, Adeeb Rais, Barun Sobti, Pooja Gujral

  • suzane12-Nov-2015

    Barun Sobti - great, he captured the hearts. Also I believe it is not only the most beautiful at the moment, but also a talented actor. His energy and "Chemistry" (about which so much talk) really stunning. Such an actor needs a cool story and a talented "strong" directors like Karan Johar had Shah Rukh to him does not need gray mouse as Shenaz..need these girls like a Priyanka and will be hit

  • suzane8812-Nov-2015

    Barun is the most talented actor I have ever seen in the whole world, not just in india.. He has the most expressive eyes ever.. His talent, charm and charisma are unbelievably awesome.. But bollywood is not fair, it gives the big offers and films for just a certain actors, and specially celebrities' sons and relatives.. In india there are over milliard but surprisingly just 10 famous bollywood actors!! They never give the right offers to the right persons.. If just they give a real chance to th

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