Not so funny

Popular US television host Jay Leno attracted some attention online after India reportedly objected to a remark he made about the Golden Temple on his programme, The Tonight Show. Someone using the handle St_Hill tweeted: 'This objection to a Leno joke is the reason no channel in India will dare have a decent satire show.'

IRSquared added: 'If they can get Leno off television, I might agree there is some merit to this business of getting religious sentiments offended.' In Nidhi Shankar's opinion: 'I didn't find anything overly offensive about Leno's comment. We have become a nation of touch-me-nots!' And from Nilanjana: 'India objects. Again. Then BBC, now NBC. Then Jeremy Clarkson, now Jay Leno. We need to be a little less sensitive and ignore such stray remarks.'

The big fight
Tennis stars Kim Clijsters and Li Na were both trending topics for a while after the former defeated the latter at the quarter-final stage of the Australian Open, despite injuring her left ankle. It prompted Adam Liaw to tweet: 'Let 2012 henceforth and forever be known as the year Kim Clijsters ruined Chinese New Year.'

Courting trouble?
Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses prompted another flurry of tweets after a news report stated that the Rajasthan home ministry would allow the author to speak via video link only if no reference to his novel were made. As Suhas pointed out though, 'Asking Rushdie to come on video but not speak about Satanic Verses is like giving a child ice cream and asking him not to eat.' And from a certain Jonathan Shainin: 'Anyone got a number for Rajasthan Home Ministry? I've been thinking silently about the Satanic Verses and want to make sure that's legal.'

The last word
From actor Anupam Kher: 'Happy Birthday, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Thank you for fighting for our Independence. Hopefully someday we'll make you proud of us.'

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