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Oct 24, 2011, 09:23 IST | Sheetal Sukhija

If you thought Coldplay would offer something more powerful after their critically acclaimed Viva La Vida, their latest offering Mylo Xyloto that releases worldwide today has something completely different and is currently driving the world insane with its newness

A band that has managed to capture the fantasy of listeners for over 15 years and is  dubbed as the only surviving band that can save the genre of Rock from submerging in the wallows, Coldplay is now out with their fifth and one of their finest albums till date.

With 14 interesting tracks and one of them featuring  the Good Girl Gone Bad (Rihanna), Mylo Xyloto is an album that has not only managed to get over 12 million hits online, but has also managed a huge chart assault, hours within its release.

Each of their single is an anthem in itself. Most of their earlier numbers like Yellow, Fix You and Clocks still stir deep emotions and each time the band performs a live act, the crowds sing along with much awe.

But although critics have often accused them of trying too hard to be overtly complex, with their last album Viva La Vida (Death and all his friends) being thrashed in many parts of the world, Coldplay has inevitably managed to shatter records and build a cult status for itself.

Awed fans and musicians across the world look up to the band's style with reverence and with the latest album creating waves across the globe, MX is undoubtedly their best till date.

"Mylo Xyloto is a result of our musical evolutionary process. We wanted to create a forward thinking record, something that the world has never heard before and no one has ever tried either," said Will Champion, the drummer in an album announcement piece issued to the international media.

The band's lead vocalist, Chris Martin, a craze amongst fans, called this album 'a dystopian love story rock opera,' further claiming that this album is loosely based on a love story. "We are trying to break down the perceived boundaries between different types of music through this album," claimed Martin.

Uplifting global response
The album has generated much buzz the world over, merely hours post its online release. Fans have even sent them invites to perform singles from the album. The band has happily complied and at a recent gig, the band members ate pizza with their fans who had been waiting for hours just to get a glimpse of them.
However, music critics aren't gushing like the fans. In Bangalore, musicians who follow the band, have given the album mixed responses.
"Coldplay's last three albums have been monsters, which puts the weight of expectation squarely on the shoulders of the fifth studio offering Xylo Myloto. Judging by the track previews and the band's stature, this one promises to continue the tradition set by X&Y (2005) and Viva La Vida (2008), both of which hit number one in almost every chart.
Though there are some neatly crafted infectious pop tunes in this record, there's not much in terms of new avenues explored. From the rhythmic 'Hurts Like Heaven' to the brooding 'Us Against The World', this is pretty much Coldplay doing a Coldplay and not straying into uncharted waters. But then again, that's judging by the samplers and not the full song.

I am waiting for the record," explains city-based musician Rajeev Kumar. For  musician Bushra Shariff, a few singles stood out from the rest. "This album surely is different from their previous stuff. They are a good alternative rock act and sometimes the genre can be defined by them.

This year there have been many interesting releases by RadioHead and Metallica, but for a band that released only a couple of singles online and has got over 12 million hits, it surely says something," she says.

Musician Ehsaan Noorani says, "They are definitely one of the finest bands around today. They are the total package of superlative songwriting, great production and intense depth.
From their latest album, I have only heard Paradise and loved it. My favourite Coldplay song is 'The Speed of Sound' from X&Y. I am keen on listening to the album after it releases today."

For now the band is basking in the glory of the attention it's receiving from fans. But a real test of their talent will only follow after the initial frenzy is over.

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