Nothing to rave about

Nov 13, 2011, 10:18 IST | Akela

What police officials from Navi Mumbai believed would be the busting of a grand rave party being celebrated on a barge, a few kilometres off the Uran coast, turned into a major embarrassment of sorts.

According to sources, late on Friday at around 9.30 pm, acting on a tip-off from informers, policemen raided the party, with some 117 individualsĀ -- 87 of whom work with a multinational corporation, while the rest were friends and individuals who work in the barge. However, not only were no drugs found, the party organisers had also taken permission from the State Excise Department to serve liquor.

An official on condition of anonymity, confided, "We found nothing suspicious. No offence was registered and we released all the youngsters." However, most police officials chose to feign ignorance about the raid.

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