Melbourne: World No 1 Novak Djokovic has also revealed one of the reasons he’s among the fittest men on tour — dates. The super-fit Serb chews on the sweet fruit during matches to give him energy without sugar highs and lows.

Novak Djokovic
LEFT: Novak Djokovic eats one of his chocolates that he gave away to media during a practice session ahead of this year’s Australian Open in Melbourne. PIC/GETTY IMAGES

Gluten-free Djokovic was known for fragility early in his career but now he’s one of the toughest competitors around. “I do really pay a lot of attention to nutrition,” he said. “Dates are something that I’ve been consuming on the court for a while now. But, you know, people get to see what we eat and drink on the court and think that that’s giving us the hydration or the energy, sustained energy, throughout the match. But it’s actually what you do before that is even more important: the way you hydrate yourself, prepare yourself, what you eat the hours before, how much you sleep and all these things.”