Thiruvananthapuram: In novel mode of protest, members of a Gandhian forum in Kerala has sent a copy of Mahatma's autobiography "My Experiments with Truth" to Booker prize winning writer Arundhati Roy to condemn her derogatory comments against the Father of the Nation.

Arundhati Roy. File Pic

The members of the NGO, Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation, assembled before the post office at Pala in Kottayam district yesterday and sent a copy of Gandhi's widely read work to Roy.

Speaking at the Kerala University here last week, Roy had made highly critical remarks against Gandhi and resented institutions like universities being named after him while neglecting leaders from depressed sections of the society.

She made these remarks while delivering a lecture in honour of Kerala's 19th century Dalit liberation leader Ayyankali.

Taking serious exception to her comments against Gandhi, the Foundation chairman Ebi J Jose wanted the authorities to take legal action against Roy for running down the national icon.

"What eminence Roy has got to make a sweeping judgement on Gandhi? This amounts to denigration of national icons who sacrificed their lives for the country. So, she should be booked for sedition", Jose said in a statement.