London: As petrol becomes more and more expensive every day, car manufacturers are racing to develop vehicles that are fast, fuel-efficient and can run on biofuels.

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Now, a British manufacturer has launched a sports model that not only exceeds speeds of 190mph, but also has the ability to run on biofuel.

Trident claims its Iceni model is the world’s fastest and most fuel-efficient sports car — and it’s pretty good looking too. It can reportedly travel 2,000 miles on a single tank of mineral or bio-diesel and uses ‘torque multiplication technology’ to achieve its combination of speed, power and this fuel efficiency.

Prices start at £96,000 (Rs 97.81 lakh) for the basic version of the automobile.

The Norfolk-based firm has unveiled three models, all of which run on pure biodiesel, such as cooking oil, virgin rapeseed, linseed palm, soya bean oil, kerosene and paraffin.

Co-founder Phil Bevan said if the owner of one of his cars invested in refinery equipment — at a costs of £1,800 (Rs 1.83 lakh) — they could make approximately 300 litres of fuel a day by collecting used cooking oil from restaurants.