Now, a chocolate teapot that serves up perfectly brewed cups of tea!

Sep 10, 2014, 14:55 IST | Agencies

Washington: Chocolate experts has recently crafted a chocolate teapot that did not completely melt even after boiling the water to brew a cup of tea, it has been reported.

BBC's 'The One Show' inspired the effort by challenging Nestle to test the saying that chocolate teapot was a very useless concept, CNet reported. The experiment took place at Nestle's Product Technology Centre in York in the UK. It's a research facility focused on developing new confectionery products, reformulating existing products, and developing new candy technologies.

cup of tea
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Master chocolatier John Costello chose dark chocolate made with 65 percent cocoa solids, since the low fat content would help it hold its shape better. A series of experiments using balloons covered in multiple layers of chocolate helped the team determine how thick the chocolate needed to be to hold hot water.

The teapot was a success, surviving having boiling water poured into it. One of the key steps involved not stirring the water, but rather allowing it to just settle and brew the tea. The tea was steeped for two minutes. The resulting cuppa had a minimal amount of chocolate residue in it, leaving it with a strong tea flavor and just a hint of chocolate, proving that a chocolate teapot was quite useful after all.

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