NEW DELHI: In a bid to highlight the harmful impact of tobacco use, the ministry of health and family welfare along with the World Lung Foundation has unveiled a documentary that shows the effect of tobacco on the lives of Indian citizens.

The four-minute video calls for increased taxes on tobacco and to implement strong tobacco-control policies

The documentary named The Price We Pay, launched on the eve of World Tobacco day (May 31), features interviews of several victims of tobacco-related diseases. Patients and their families speak about how poverty can inflict a family when the main breadwinner dies due to such diseases.

The Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS-India) identifies that 27.5 crore people consume tobacco in India.

The four-minute video also calls for increased taxes on tobacco products and to implement strong control policies such as hard-hitting graphic health warnings.

Speaking on the occasion, Nandita Murukutla, country director, World Lung Foundation said, “The ministry of health and family welfare continues to be a strong ally in the fight against tobacco in India and the new film gives them another way to counter the misconception that tobacco use is benign.”