Now a movie on TV show 'Gangaa'

Jul 01, 2016, 08:02 IST | IANS

The success story of popular TV show 'Gangaa', which showcases the story about a girl's indomitable spirit and her will to survive, has been encapsulated in a TV film titled 'Gangaa - Chota Parda Badi Movie'.


The two-hour movie will encompass protagonist Gangaa's journey from challenging the social norms to standing up for herself.

The story of the film will focus upon sensitive issues like child marriage, widowhood and rigid customs.

"'Gangaa' is close to my heart. It showcases the story of a child widow who is a strong girl and fights the society and challenges the logic behind such social norms and practices. I am really excited that the channel has decided to make a short film on it," Aditi, who plays the role of Gangaa in the show, said in a statement.

'Gangaa - Chota Parda Badi Movie' will be aired on Saturday on &TV.

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