Now, get healthy snacks delivered to your home and office is a website that delivers fun, healthy snacks to your office or home

Luckily for us, we stumbled upon just as we were racking our brains to find a healthy alternative to our in-between-meal cravings that threatened to strike during working hours. Snackosaur is not the monster your kids and you should run away from. On the contrary, he’s the friendly, Casper-sort of ghost, the good one; one, which will rescue you from unhealthy eating habits.

The snackosaur trial box
The snackosaur trial box

Launched a month ago, Snackosaur is the brainchild of Vinayak Mehta and Ankita Mendiratta Mehta. Vinayak headed marketing at Ola, while Ankita has worked with Hindustan Unilever in sales and marketing where she was head of sales for the Mumbai region before the Bangalore-based duo decided to start this venture.

Dried fruit mix
Dried fruit mix

“When we started our research, a shocking number hit us. Nearly 40% of a person’s diet is met through snacks and mini-meals (this figure is as high as 50% in the developed world). Snacks that are readily available are not only unhealthy but also mundane and boring. That prompted us to start Snackosaur,” informs Vinayak Mehta, co-founder,

“All our snacks are healthier than options conventionally available. These are made using healthy ingredients like millets, superfoods, whole wheat, fruits and includes healthy methods like roasting/baking. At the same time, there’s no compromise on taste. Everyone wants to eat healthy, but is too lazy or busy to make an effort. Our subscription option solves that problem,” he adds.

Each box promises to present a new set of goodies. At the moment, you can’t choose what you get in your box. If you like a particular item, you can go to the a la carte section and order the quantity you like, separately. You can expect barbeque edamame, strawberry wasabi peas, dehydrated dried fruit mixes, granola bars, healthy cookies, and other dry snacks that promise to be delicious.

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How to get your snack box?

If you log on to, you can book a box of assorted snacks that can last you about a month (two boxes with five snacks each will be delivered to you every 15 days at Rs 598), three months (six boxes with five snacks each will be delivered to you every fortnight at Rs 1,699) or buy a la carte, straight off their website. First timers like us can get a trial box worth Rs 299.

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