Now, get personalised knee implants in city hospital

Patients who have been suffering from excruciating knee pain and have been advised a joint replacement surgery will now get personalised knee implants in the city. There are only a few hospitals offering personalised knee replacement services across the country so far and city-based Sancheti Hospital has made it to the league of such facilities.

Dr Parag Sancheti of Sancheti Hospital said, "Although the personalised knee surgery is a bit costlier, the patients will get specific size of implants for their knees." This American technology was introduced in India some six to eight month's ago. 

Earlier, the patients had to make do with sizes that were somewhat similar to the exact fit. Elaborating on the process, Dr Sancheti said, "We advised the patients to undergo an MRI which helps us get the exact size of implant. Accordingly, we make cutting jigs that help to fit implants during the replacement surgery." 

The Sancheti Hospital, along with Ranawat Orthopedic Conference, inaugurated their three-day winter meeting on arthroscopy. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Chitranjan Ranawat will offer lessons on the latest techniques of joint replacement surgery during the event.  

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