An email attributed to 'Indian Muzahiddin' has claimed responsibility for Wednesday's blast outside the Delhi High Court that killed 12 people.

The email, written in Hindi but in the Roman script, denied that the Pakistani-based Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami (HuJI) had planted the briefcase bomb outside the Gate No.5 of the court complex in the heart of the capital.

The email, sent to the TV Today network Thursday reads: "Delhi blast kal Delhi me hue blast me HuJI ka haath ho hi nahin sakta hai. Kyunki use hamne anjam diya hai. Hamne pehle se yeh plan banaya tha ki Wednesday ke din hi blast karna hai kyunki us din wahan sabse jyada crowd hoti hai. Ise hamne yani INDIAN MUZAHIDDIN NE ANJAM DIYA HAI. Huji ka toh isme dur dur tak koi wasta nahin hai. Hamara agla target jald hi rang layega jo ek shoppping complex ke bahar hoga. Use koi nahin rok sakta. Aur yeh agle Tuesday ko hoga. Rok sako toh rok lo."

The email roughly translates into: "HuJI hand cannot be behind the Delhi blast because we have done it. We had planned it earlier for Wednesday because the crowd is usually huge there on that day. We, the Indian Muzahiddin, have done it. HuJI is not even remotely connected to it. Our next target is coming soon which will be outside a shopping complex. Nobody can stop that. And this will be done on next Tuesday. Stop us if you can."

The email was sent from an ID and is signed off by the user calling himself "Chotoo, member INDIAN MUZAHIDDIN".

It wasn't immediately clear whether 'Indian Muzahiddin' was a mis-spelling of Indian Mujahideen (IM), a home grown group believed to be affiliated to the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba. The IM has claimed responsibilty for various blasts in the past in emails written in English and sent from different IDs. However, none of these emails have misspelt the name as 'Indian Muzahiddin'.

Secretary (Internal Security) U.K. Bansal said the email was not being taken lightly. "We will examine it and let you know," he told reporters.