Now, Oz University teaching foreign students 'how to use toilets correctly'

Jan 13, 2012, 08:31 IST | ANI
An Australian University is teaching foreign students how to use a toilet correctly after receiving complaints from the cleaners that they were leaving them in an unhygienic state. Toilet lessons have been posted on cubicle doors at Macquarie University, and come after opposition citizenship spokeswoman Teresa Gambaro said migrants should be taught to use deodorant and wait in line.
According to the Daily Mail, the posters show a person standing on the toilet seat and squatting over the bowl with a line through it. Another crossed-out image shows a person squatting on the floor. Students are taught how to use sanitary bins, how to flush the toilet and wash their hands in other parts of the diagram under the heading: Protecting each other, use of female toilets.
The signs were installed 15 months ago after complaints from a company contracted to clean the campus toilets. "We received a complaint from our cleaning contractors about the state of some toilets, they believed that some students may have been squatting above the toilet rather than using them in a conventional western fashion, they were concerned about the cleanliness," a Macquarie University spokesman said. The spokesman said the problems had stopped after the signs had gone up.

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