With the Santacruz-Chembur Link Road (SCLR) nearing completion, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has already set its sights on further projects. It is going to start building a road connecting the Chembur end of the flyover to Vidyavihar railway station.

Reaching Vidyavihar will soon be a breeze, with the  new road connecting to SCLR being planned.
Reaching Vidyavihar will soon be a breeze, with the new road connecting to SCLR being planned.

The project has been awaiting action for four years and with its implementation, reaching Vidyavihar station will be very easy. Otherwise, commuters have to go all the way to the Ghatkopar-Mahul Road and then come back to Vidyavihar.

The new connecting road will be 2 km long and 60 feet wide. Currently, there is a small road, but is infested with encroachments. The BMC ward office has been instructed to take care of this problem. Land near Vidyavihar has also been acquired from the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), for the project.

Reduced transit time
Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar had said, during the inauguration of the Sahar elevated road, that the SCLR would be opened to the public by March-end. The SCLR itself will cut down travel time: from the current 90-120 minutes to just 17-20 minutes. With the road connecting to Vidyavihar, people can reach the central station in 5 minutes, as compared to the current 20 minutes.

Additional Municipal Commissioner SVR Srinivas said, “We are coming up with a new road connecting SCLR to Vidyavihar. It would be cost around Rs 100 crore, as a completely concretised stretch will be constructed. With the SCLR to go into operation soon, this road would be a boon for commuters.”

Another senior official, on request of anonymity, said, “There is lot of encroachment of huts which needs to be removed and will take time. The road will take another year to be used by the commuters, considering there will be no work done during the four months of monsoon.”