Now rent a car, and drive it too

How many times have you prayed for the driver to vanish into thin air when you rented a car? I have, many times, not because the drivers were ill-behaved or rude — surprisingly, I’ve never come across one — but because I like doing things at my pace.


I don’t like being rushed due to the busy schedule of a complete stranger. But that’s me. There might be many of you with stronger reasons to not want a driver with your rental service. Perhaps, you feel more confident about your driving skills or you want to explore a nearby destination with someone special and need privacy or you are travelling in a group and don’t want anyone else in the company.

Or else, you might be a newbie in a city, in need for a car to move around. has started a new self-drive service for people like us. The range of vehicles are huge and available in all price brackets, from the low-budget e2o for Rs 800 per day, cars like Ertiga, Vento and Dzire within Rs 2,000, to SUVs (between Rs 2,399 to Rs 5,999) or premium sedans such as Mercedes for a starting price of Rs 6,500.


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