Houston: Want to give your dead pet the send-off it deserves? You can now send their cremated remains to space!

A private spaceflight company has launched a new service that will allow people to give a cosmic send-off to dead pets by blasting their remains into space.

The company Celestis in Houston fires the remains of humans into the universe but it is now expanding to include animals.

The pets would be cremated and placed in an urn before the journey, 'metro.co.uk' reported.

"For years, Celestis has received enquiries from pet owners around the world seeking the opportunity to honour their special animal companions with a final journey among the stars," the company said on its website.

For USD 995, the pet can take a final trip to space and back.

Alternatively users may choose to splash out more than USD 12,500 on a journey to the Moon for their pet.