Now, a 'virtual' peep show that shows women how boob-jobs will look!

New technologies are allowing women to see how they will look after breast implants to enable them to choose the right size for themselves.

The 3D scanner, called the Vectra Sculptor Morphing machine, takes images of the patient's body and shows them images of how they'll look with different sizes of implants.

The scan, costing 200 pounds, can also be used for nose jobs, liposuction and chin implants.

Experts say that women decreased cup sizes after seeing the images and wanted their breast size to go up only one of two-cup sizes.

"When we make changes to the breasts on the computer, we can see a very realistic and accurate view of how they will look after surgery," the Sun quoted surgeon Miles Berry as saying.

"It also allows us to view the body from different angles, reassuring the patient and allowing them to make an educated decision," he said.

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