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Maureen Wadia, the statuesque and elusive wife of industrialist Nusli Wadia, is only spotted on rare occasions: sometimes at the Derby, at beauty pageants organised by the magazine she publishes and often at Zubin Mehta concerts, where she accompanies husband Nusli when his friend the celebrated conductor is in town.

And so, it was no surprise that we bumped into Maureen at a Mehta-related event this week and as always, she was her down to earth and warm self. We recall what a leading designer had shared with us about Wadia. “For all her elusiveness, she is one of the warmest and most easy people to work with,” he recalled.

Maureen Wadia
Maureen Wadia 

“When she took charge of the Bombay Dyeing campaign and created some of the most memorable campaigns of that era, she was something of a workhorse. If we were on a shoot and the floor had to be swept for a scene, she’d think nothing of picking up a broom and doing it herself. No airs and graces from this corporate wife,” he said in admiration. Nice.

Bespoke objects
This Saturday, Delhi will witness a unique auction at Bikaner House, said to be the latest perch for the Capital’s culture vultures.

Art by Jayasri Burman, Chair designed by Bose Krishnamachari and Diamond pendant designed by SH Raza
Art by Jayasri Burman, Chair designed by Bose Krishnamachari and Diamond pendant designed by SH Raza

Called ‘Art Beyond Canvas’ and featuring bespoke art products, sculptures and ‘Objects of Desire’, it is the initiative of NGO Khushii, which has on its board the likes of Kapil Dev, Dr Naresh Trehan and Aman Nath.

Naresh Trehan and Kapil Dev
Naresh Trehan and Kapil Dev

No surprises then that the auction is being widely anticipated and the creatively conceived fare, including a chair designed by Bose Krishnamachari, a diamond pendant designed by SH Raza and ceiling chandelier designed by architect Ashiesh Shah, are all awaiting the auctioneer’s hammer by eager collectors.

As for us, by far, the most desirable item is the Raja Ravi Varma lithographs on limestone from the collection of our friend, Sobo-based Rashme Mehta, who has access to the master’s Painter Prince’s press as a family legacy. We recall marvelling at them when they lay in the garden of her sprawling Malabar Hill home. Well, this Saturday, they’re going to make some one very Khushii indeed.

What’s cooking with Khambatta?
Food porn — that obsession of hipsters worldwide — has never held much fascination for us. Even so, this post by award-winning restaurateur Farrokh Khambatta made us sit up. “Simple home cooked dinner. Atlantic Salmon couscous and Peruvian pepper Salito. Brazilian Mangoes for dessert,” he’d posted on Tuesday morning, with accompanying pictures of the drool- worthy dish.

Farrokh Khambatta
Farrokh Khambatta

He followed this up the next day with ‘And today it’s confit of Silver Hill Duck Roasted and rolled in Mountain bread. Silver sprouts and basil. Hoisin and Sambol Olek’. What’s cooking, we said to Khambatta, when we spoke to him yesterday.

Khambatta took a long breath. “To tell you the truth, I’m in Dubai,” he said. “Been here for the past three months in and out and have been discovering and exulting in the ingredients available here,” he said. “Each day, I visit new markets and food halls and then decide what to make with them. My approach is very holistic,” said the award-winning restaurateur.

“But there is a world of difference between the produce you get at home and here.” And why are you in Dubai cooking up this storm, we asked him quite naturally. “An exciting new venture,” he said diffidently. “Will be announcing it soon,” he said. And then he went back to stirring the pot.

Mumbai’s latest Farzi
So, a save the date has already gone out for the impending launch party of Farzi Café, the popular modern Indian bistro that has seen much success in Delhi and Gurgaon and will soon open its doors in Kamla Mills.

Zorawar Kalra
Zorawar Kalra

We asked serial restaurateur and owner of Farzi, Zorawar Kalra, what Mumbai’s foodies could expect from his latest offering. “The Mumbai version has an all new menu tailor-made for Mumbai as well as the signature classics from Delhi and Dubai,” he said, adding, “The restaurant is 3D-mapped and presents a dynamic dining environment where the surroundings come alive. It is like an art installation”

The past comes visiting
We can’t be faulted for thinking that April is not only the cruellest month, but is also the month in which yesteryear actors have chosen to revisit us with alarming frequency.

Deepak Parashar and Mahendra Sandhu
Deepak Parashar and Mahendra Sandhu

First Deepak Parashar, the lanky model and actor from the seventies, returned to public consciousness with his cameo at Fashion Rewind at the NCPA a few days ago.

And now, hunky actor Mahendra Sandhu, whose Bolly debut was the subject of screaming headlines (Lock Up Your Daughters), has also returned — popping up on a friend’s Facebook feed on the occasion of his birthday. What next? Kiran Kumar and Junior Mehmood drop in for breakfast? The mind boggles...

Classic put down
Want to know what the best way to deflate a show-off on social media is? Here’s an instance. An attractive diva connected with an international luxe brand recently posted what looked like a recruitment ad requesting her to star in an LA-based TV serial. Most of those who saw it were impressed and registered their awe, admiration and likes. Except one clever friend who commented. “I received this too.” The silence that followed was akin to that of a tyre when it gets punctured.



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