Numbers' game

Dec 27, 2011, 07:46 IST | Lindsay Pereira
So, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared 2012 'National Mathematical Year' to mark the 125th birth anniversary of mathematical genius S Ramanujan. This promptly got a whole lot of people talking. In Rofl Indian's words: 'This makes sense as the UPA's troubles will multiply over divided public opinion, adding to his woes.' A certain Anamika weighed in with this: 'Inflation, the Sensex and the Rupee will be measured in imaginary numbers.' Raj Kian asked: 'Why? Is the figure of corruption and the corrupt going to increase?' And from Shiv Mishra: 'I think celebrations started in 2011 itself, with the most significant number, zero.'

Another loss
The death of theatre legend Satyadev Dubey in Mumbai prompted a flood of tributes online. The actor Anupam Kher tweeted: 'The giant of Hindi theatre is no more. He was ruthlessly brilliant in his commitment to theatre. A great loss.' In Shabana Azmi's words: 'It's been a terrible year for artists.' Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt added: 'Fond memories of our days of wandering invade me. Alvida, Dubeyji!' And there was this rather cynical comment from Vaibhav Vishal: 'Some of you seem to be as close to Satyadev Dubey as you were to Steve Jobs. What a bad year this has been for you. My condolences.'

Standout moments
What was your best memory of the year? People online listed everything from finding a new girlfriend to meeting singer Justin Bieber. There were also these examples: 'Getting drunk enough to forget my worst memory', 'Metallica touring India', 'meeting my little brother for the first time' and 'when this dog came into the house and stole my mother's underwear.' Remember, it takes all kinds of people to make a world.

The last word
From industrialist Anand Mahindra: 'Buried in the news yesterday was the fact that India ranks even lower than Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh in the World Giving Index 2011.'

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