US President's official doctor says he is physically healthy and tobacco free

Forget the rumours that he has been sneaking cigarettes. US President Barack Obama is "tobacco free", the President's doctor said.

He was reporting the results of the President's second physical examination since he took office.

In a two-page report, Dr Jeffrey Kuhlman gave the president a strong bill of health.

He said Obama was a physically active 50-year-old who ate a healthy diet, stays at a healthy weight and "on occasion drinks alcohol" in moderation. "The President is in excellent health and fit for duty," Dr Kuhlman said.
In addition, Dr Kuhlman praised Obama -- an avid golfer and basketball player -- as "fit at 50" and "staying healthy at 50-plus".

He said Obama was on all age-appropriate screening tests.

Obama had the physical examination at the White House last week.

According to the report, the President has a "well-healed lower lip laceration" that apparently refers to an injury during a basketball game in November last year, when he was inadvertently hit by the elbow of Rey Decerega, director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

Dr Kuhlman also reported that Obama had been having periodic physical therapy to help him deal with recurrent back problems.

And, the doctor reported, Obama has had benign skin tags removed from his neck.