Of birds and bats: Join BNHS' unique wildlife trail at Elephanta

If the Batman and Robin are your favourite superhero duo, then join the bat and bird trail by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) on Elephanta Island.

The leaf nosed bat. Pic/WIKI COMMONS

"Elephanta is a good birding location since it has a unique combination of different habitats," says Vandan Jhaveri, associate officer of programs at BNHS.

Visitors at a previous bat and bird trail by the BNHS
Visitors at a previous bat and bird trail by the BNHS

Jhaveri, who will co-lead the trail, will help you scout the island’s forests for flycatchers and orioles. And, at noon, what’s better than gazing at white-bellied sea eagles swim in air currents as they wait to strike their prey?

To top it all, Vinod Patil, BNHS’ bat expert, will get to cave nooks to spot the greater Asiatic yellow house bat and the leaf-nose bat. "Bats are commonly thought of as a bad omen. We hope that people will change some of their misconceptions about these flying mammals," says Jhaveri.

WHERE: Report at BNHS, opp. Lion Gate, Colaba
WHEN: January 17, 7.30 AM – 1 PM  
ENTRY: Rs 700  
CALL: 22871202



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