Of calculus and crushes

Feb 06, 2012, 11:57 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

"I love it when I see people blushing while talking about their school crushes. Nothing beats those memories," says actor John Abraham while talking about his crush on his school teacher. The handsome hunk, who has done some naughty things on screen, was a good boy throughout his school days. CS catches up with him for a chat:

WHO: John Abraham
WHAT: Talking about his school days
WHERE: At Tardeo

Pic/ Satyajit Desai

The model student
I studied at Bombay Scottish School in Mahim. And I was a good student throughout my school days. When I was in third standard, I had a huge crush on my class teacher Ms Anand. It was the usual thing. I think every boy has crushes. I'm a boy at heart, so I still have them! But that's all. I wish I could tell you about some naughty incidents, but the fact is that I was a disciplined kid. It was perhaps because I hated the idea of being caned. Caning is banned from schools now, but it was quite regular in my time. Getting caned in front of the entire class was a huge embarrassment, which I didn't want to suffer.

Footy fun 
My school had a huge playground, which I absolutely loved. I was lucky to do well in both studies and sports. I loved football and used to play for hours. There were many boys in my class who hated the idea of getting dirty, but I enjoyed roughing it out. My socks were perennially dirty (laughs out loud). I feel that sports should be actively promoted in schools, as it helps build a fitter nation.

The number game 
My favourite subject in school was Maths. I liked calculus, logarithms and integration. Maths is an easy subject if you know your concepts well. I also did well in English Literature. I feel that education is very important for each one of us. It gives us a sense of security and broadens our perspective towards life. I studied management because all my friends were doing so. But after spending a few years in a nine-to-five job, I understood that I wasn't quite cut out for corporate life. 

Troubled times
From what I see and hear around me, school life is not the same as it was 10-15 years ago. There is so much pressure on the kids. It pains me when I hear about student suicides. I would like to tell everyone that failures are inevitable in life, and that they don't define you as a person. The stories of ragging in engineering and medical colleges are also sickening. Just imagine what the victims go through!

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