Of fighter planes and musicians

Mar 05, 2014, 09:30 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Three questions with Chennai based underground music band F-16

Q. Why did you name your band the F-16s?
A. We are into fighter planes. So we were just throwing names around and so it happened. Nothing else, really!

Members of the band, the F-16s

Q. Each band member has a different interest; how did you decide on Alternative Dance Music as the sound for the band?
A. Whenever you launch a product there’s a certain amount of market research in there. We don’t do a market research as such, but we did have an understanding of what kind of sound people would like to listen to. But even then we like to keep it as organic as possible. Some times the music just happens. But again, we are completely different from what anything you would have ever heard before.

Q. We heard that the Underground music scene in Chennai is picking up fast. What is actually the driving force there?
A. Youngsters in Chennai listen to a lot of music everyday. The Internet has done a really wonderful thing giving access to music across the world. But after a point, we all get bored. So, most youngsters in Chennai are frustrated with the city, and the music scene, and they channel their frustration into newer sounds, which is part of the Underground music scene. It started at a very slow pace, but it’s gradually getting there.

On: Today, 10 pm onwards
At: The Blue Frog, Lower Parel.
Entry: Rs 350 to Rs 1000

Listen to The F-16s debut album, Kaleidoscope on Soundcloud.com. Their album is also available on Oklisten.com

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