Oliver Stone's secret date with Kolkata

The 66-year-old Stone -- known for creating such celluloid masterpieces like "Platoon", "The Doors", "Born on the Fourth of July", "Wall Street", and "JFK" -- arrived in the city on June 19 and left June 22 morning.

Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone. Pic/AFP

Three days later, he tweeted: "Travelled to Kolkata, India last week after Shanghai (China). My daughter Tara volunteered for the Mother Teresa Mission."

Stone's twitter page still carries a photo with his daughter with the landmark Victoria Memorial in the background.

Stone reportedly wanted his 17-year-old daughter -- born of his third marriage with South Korean Chong Son Chong -- to have a reality check through exposure about the world at large, away from the cosy comfort of her home and daily life.

She later stayed for five weeks working as a volunteer in the Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa.

Stone, who has in the past declared his admiration for the Indian cinema and studied Satyajit Ray as a film studies student, visited some lanes and by-lanes of South Kolkata's Kalighat, which is home to a large number of sex workers. He also dropped in at the office of an NGO working in the area for uplift of children of sex workers. 

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