Omar mocks US media over calling Qasab 'gunman'

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Wednesday mocked the American media for describing 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Qasab, who was executed in a Pune jail, as a 'gunman' and not a terrorist.

Omar Abdullah
Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah (File pic)

He tweeted, "So Hamas are terrorists but Kasab was a gunman. Well done American media you really call it like it is. *sarcasm"

Ajmal Qasab, who was the sole surviving Pakistani terrorist of the 26/11 attack in Mumbai in which 166 people were killed, was hanged in a jail in Pune Wednesday morning.

In his earlier tweet during the day, Omar Abdullah wrote: "Gotta hand it to the Govts at the centre & in Mumbai for the mature way they handled this. Shows we can still keep a secret if we need to."



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