If there's something that actor Omi Vadiya loves as much as acting, it's travelling. Omi aka Chatur of 3 Idiots has been on quite a few interesting trips to places like Japan, Mongolia and Tahiti. He shares a page from his travel diary with CS:

A backpacker's break
As a college student, I took a one month vacation to Japan. I toured around seven cities with only a budget of $1000. Now, Japan is a very expensive country, and surviving there on such a shoestring budget is no easy feat. But I did it!

Mad about Mongolia
My trip to Mongolia would rank as one of my best. Relatively unexplored, Mongolia is beautiful, rugged and full of wonders. And what makes it even more attractive is the fact that it is very sparsely populated. We would drive for hours on end without sighting a person on the roads. I stayed in a nomadic Mongolian home, a Ger that can be built in just a couple of hours. Drinking horse's milk, travelling through the Gobi desert and watching wrestling matches were some of the highlights of the trip.

Romance is in the sea
I whisk away my wife Minal to a nice place whenever we manage time for a holiday. We have been to Austria, Jamaica, Hawaii, but our best vacation was in Tahiti. It was our honeymoon trip. I spent a bomb on that vacation, but I'm not complaining because it was a once-in-a-lifetime affair. We lived in this water bungalow on the Pacific Ocean. The bungalow had a little dock and we could just jump into the sea whenever we wanted to. The sight of millions of fishes, fabulous sunsets and white sand made it truly special. Every night we used to stay awake from 2am to 3am just to see the moon setting into the ocean.